LS99BT + ES99B/3

STRING LINKER MOD. LS 99 BT + ES 99 B/3 (automatic with loop)

It is the last evolution of LS99BT+ES99B. Differently from that it is equipped with a robotic pincer electronically controlled and a revolutionary software which makes programming very easy and flexible. An advanced preview function displays in a clear way even the most complex tying sequence and allows the modification in real time. Moreover an increased opening makes possible to work with a wider range of sausages till a diameter of 60 mm. An acoustic and light signal informs that string is close to the end.

• Machine for tying with string a continuous row several types of sausages. They can work with natural, collagen and cellulosic up to a maximum diameter of 60 mm
• These exceptionally versatile machines allow a practical and substantial reduction of tying times. Extremely efficient and noiseless
• The strong construction in stainless steel and a high reliable mechanics makes them adapt to a durable use free from maintenance. Total protection from water infiltrations
• Smooth surfaces and absence of corners for a fast and effective cleaning
• Accident prevention protections assured by sensors controlled by a high safety electronic central unit
• Machine conforming to the EC directives