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  • K120

    MIXER MOD. K120

    A single but large discharging port allows the total unload of the product in 90, 120 or 200 lts. buggies in few seconds.
    The easy accessibility and an accurate design make the washing and the sanification of the machine very simple.
    Possibility lo install, also subsequently to the ...
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  • F7


    The continuous vacuum filler Mod. F7 is the ideal compact machine for the small businesses.

    • Strong construction completely in stainless steel
    • Smooth surfaces and absence of corners for a fast and effective cleaning
    • The high manufacturing precision of mechanical parts ...
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  • LS99 + ES99

    STRING-LINKER MOD. LS 99 + ES 99 (automatic)

    The model LS99+ES99 (electro-pneumatic) is equipped with a device for the automatic feeding of the casings through two belts and can work in line with the filler. A remote control pedal is supplied to allow the operator to start and stop the machine directly ...
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From over 50 years Omet-Foodtech produces machines for the food processing industry, in particular for the meat industry, combining the knowledges gained by strong local traditions to the application of high and constantly developing technologies. Omet-Foodtech produces machines which are suitable to all firm sizes, from small-medium to big industries. Our machines are developed by focusing on our clients’ demands, with the goal of reaching high levels of efficiency, reliability, innovation, safety.